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2nd Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control in Life Processes & 8th International p63/p73 Workshop


September 2-6, 2018



The international Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control brings scientists on all career stages together to discuss mechanisms of cellular homeostasis and their impact on pathogenesis of diseases.

Cellular quality control mechanisms are essential to maintain cell survival and homeostasis, and their malfunction leads to severe damage, ultimately contributing to and/or causing a variety of malignant and fatal diseases. Whilst many molecular mechanisms driving pathogenesis have been uncovered already, we are only beginning to understand the interconnectivity and concerted regulation of these pathways and the influence of contextual factors. A deeper knowledge of the role of cellular quality control pathways, e.g. in cancer, neurodegeneration or development, holds enormous potential to better understand disease onset and/or progression and potentially develop novel treatments.
This is the second Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control, following on a first meeting in 2016 which focused on ubiquitination and autophagy machineries as the two central components that facilitate degradative quality control of proteins and organelles. This year, the Frankfurt Conference will be combined with the 8th International p63/p73 Workshop. Both proteins play important roles in the genetic quality control in oocytes and somatic cells as well as in regulating stem cell maintenance. Six interdisciplinary sessions are planned:

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Goethe University Frankfurt
Campus Westend, Casino Festsaal
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main

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Prof. Ivan Dikic
Prof. Dr. Ivan Dikic
Director IBCII, Speaker of SFB 1177

Institute of Biochemistry II (IBCII) and Buchmann Institute for Molecular LIfe Sciences (BMLS), Goethe University Frankfurt, DE

Volker Dötsch
Prof. Dr. Volker Dötsch
CEF Speaker

Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt, DE

Dr. Heide Genau
Dr. Heide Genau
Conference Manager





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