Molecular signaling group
Head: Ivan Dikic


Our group study signaling pathways that control cell growth and differentiation and the reasons why they are deregulated in diseases such as cancerWe are interested in signaling by growth factor activated receptors and mechanisms underlying their endocytosis and degradation through actions of the scaffold protein CIN85 and the ubiquitin ligase Cbl. We also study the expanding role of ubiquitin and Ub-like modifiers in regulation of DNA repair, NFkB pathway, autophagy and cancer pathogenesis. We utilize molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry as well as genetically altered mice and cells derived from such animals to understand how molecular signals regulate cell functions in vivo.

Contact us

Institute of Biochemistry II
Goethe University Medical School
Theodor-Stern-Kai Str. 7
Uniklinik Build 75
D-60590 Frankfrut am Main, Germany

Office: Tel: 00 49 69 6301 5652
Fax: 00 49 69 6301 5577

E-mail: ed.2mehcoib@eciffo

LAB 1-Tel: 00 49 69 6301 4862
LAB 2- Tel: 00 49 69 6301 83752


How to find us:


from the airport:


1. take taxi directly to the Frankfurt University hospital (UNIKLINIK) Building 75 – it is a large hospital complex and it is bets to say to a taxi driver that building 75 is behind the Blutspendedienst. The drive is approximately 15 minutes (17-20 EURO).


2. take the subway to Frankfurt central station (Hbf) then change to a tram line 12 or 21 to cross the Main river and stop at the Heinrich-Hoffmann-Strasse/Blutspendedienst station