Pohl Lab

Cardiovascular Signalling Group



Head: Dr. Stefanie Oess

The function of our body is the result of an immensely complex interplay of different organs and tissues, involving the co-ordinated behaviour of a huge number of different cell types. The complexity becomes even more evident when we look at the subcellular level - at mechanism of signal transduction, gene expression or protein synthesis - where eventually the dynamic function of biomolecules is determined by the rules of chemistry and physics.
This is what marks our fascination and motivates our research: to contribute to the understanding of the molecular control of physiological function and to unravel where perturbations of these intricately regulated systems lead to the development of disease.
Currently our research group focuses on the detailed characterisation of novel signal transduction mechanisms controlling development and function both in the cardiovascular system as well as in brain and facial development. We ultimately aim to understand the function of specific genes in physiological and pathophysiological conditions to a molecular detail that allows us to define targets for preventive strategies and therapeutic interventions.